GIOIA® Bananas are grown in the rich South American soils of Colombia and Costa Rica making them naturally better and sweeter in taste. To ensure that our bananas reach you in the best condition possible, we take special care to nurture and nourish each banana plant at every stage of its development. Our bananas are kept at temperatures between 13.3°C and 14.4°C to avoid premature ripening throughout their transportation from Central America.

Our bananas have earned the prestigious Global G.A.P. certification that strives to employ food safety and sustainability regulations throughout. It has certified Gioia Bananas as a safe, sustainable organisation that guarantees fair and sustainable farming practices, with responsible approach to food safety and conscious towards  its workers’ welfare.

Historically, bananas in Indonesia, Malaysia and New Guinea. Nowadays the main banana producers are India, West African countries such as the Ivory Coast and Ghana, and Central American countries including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Panama and Guatemala, with the biggest exporter of them all being Ecuador. India is world’s biggest banana producer and consumer.

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