Choosing a premium banana

You check whether a banana is premium one or not by looking at its peel. A premium banana skin is very clean and free from defects such as scars, peel damage, and decay. It will also have a desirable uniform banana colour,usually being yellow and has a sweet flavor. You can check the banana’S firmness by pressing the fruit. Bananas which are too ripe will feel soft and mushy.

We take special care to nurture and nourish our bananas to ensure are in the best condition possible.

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Banana life stages

Did you know that a banana has 7 life stages? They are each recognisable by just looking at its peel.
Bananas are harvested green and the fruit begins to ripen as soon as the banana stem is cut from the plant. As the banana ripens, starch turns into sugar and the skin becomes darker.

The below images demonstrate this process step by step:

Stage 1: All green

Stage 2: Light green

Stage 3: More green than yellow

Stage 3: More yellow than green

Stage 5: Yellow with green tips

Stage 6: Full Yellow

Stage 7: Yellow with brown flecks

Goia bananas

Storage Tips

GIOIA® Bananas should be stored at room temperature. If they are too green for your liking and would like to accelerate their ripening process, then place an apple or a tomato on top of the banana/s overnight.

On the contrary, to slow down the ripening process, store the banana in a refrigerator. Though the peel will darken, the banana flesh will still be edible. Another way to do this is to wrap the tip of the banana with plastic.

If bananas are very ripe, you could still use them to make delicious banana bread, smoothies and other banana desserts.